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Brand Localization

We create a perfect harmony with brands and influencers through perfectly localized
contents and digital marketing.
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Breaking borders by “CREATIVE” contents and “DIGITAL” marketing.

We create highest quality contents based on deep understanding of China and global market.


Marketing Strategy

We proudly provide optimal marketing strategy for our clients by analyzing and comparing all valid media and platforms globally.



Our creative team has gained recognition for years by producing localized creative contents based on deep understanding of local culture and market, especially in China.



We have excellent skills on performance based marketing for each social media and e-commerce platforms which leads to a cost-effective output.

Partnering up with major Chinese and global social media platforms, media, distribution companies, MCN and entertainment companies.

Platform / Media

Xiaohongshu 小红书
Weibo 微博
Kwai 快手
Douyin(TikTok) 抖音
BiliBili 哔哩哔哩
Baidu 百度
Zhihu 知乎
MeiliXiuXing 美丽修行

e-Commerce Partners

Oasis China (Lian TP)
Ningbo Qinchen Culture
Media Co., Ltd.
China Black Ant
e-Commerce Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Yimei
e-Commerce Co., Ltd.
Gomi Corporation Co., Ltd.
C-Mate Co., Ltd.

MCN / Entertainment

(Represented by David Uslan)
(Chinese Sports Platform)
Sigma Talent Management
The Wellness Agency, LLC.
Ice Creative Co., Ltd.
Treasure Hunter
Global Co.,Ltd
One and One
Company Co., Ltd.
MUNMU Co., Ltd.



Balanced Global Team

We operate both Korea and Shanghai office to balance out cultural and linguistic differences. We always seek to keep up with rapidly changing global trends by analyzing digital market on a daily basis.


Vast Marketing Experience

We are the largest influencer based digital marketing agency from Korea to China since 2016. We have worked with over 250+ brand clients. We are now actively expanding our business to SEA and North America.


Proven Chinese Contents Creation Ability

We collaborate with influencers and celebrities on a daily basis with full of creative contents and data. Our contents planning and production capability has been recognized by various Chinese platforms.

We know how to
work with data and performance.

400 M+

Influencer(KOL) data pool (Worldwide)


Brands & Influencer(KOL) & Celebrity with at least one campaign executed.


Successful campaigns with over 250 brands (Annual retainer service & Short-term or one-time campaign)

With Persona Media
You Get…


Marketing Planning and Strategy

• Branding and viral marketing: China and Global

• All-type social media influencer(KOL) marketing

• Research & Analysis: market status, competitors, benchmarks, etc.

• Live Commerce with influencers: casting and planning

Intro Deck

Creative Contents Production

• Original contents creation(image/video)

• Brand official account management

• Video Ad

• Web Series PPL

Marketing Portfolio

Media Planning & Performance Marketing

• Rising media and platform procurement

• Performance marketing on major Chinese and global platforms and media

• Display Ads

• Seller promotion(distribution)

Media Package